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Above are some useful links to web sites regarding Bankruptcy.  The first is to a Credit Counseling Agency where you can complete your first Credit Counseling Course, which is required before you can file.  Then I have included links to the Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of Michigan, the Chapter 13 Trustees, the Bankruptcy Court site regarding information on bankruptcy, and the federal Trade Commission's link for a free credit report.  I trust you will find these sites useful.
Bankruptcy is a very technical area of the law.  It is form driven, and there are extensive rules that must be complied with in order for your case to be successful.
Many people have tried to undertake the bankruptcy process without the assistance of an attorney.  The work a Petition Preparer can give you is limited by Court Order.  You should have a lawyer.
Chapter 13 Legal fees are paid for by the money you pay to the Trustee.  Chapter 7 legal fees will be paid in full before the case is filed on your behalf.  Any other fee agreement, and the attorney is not acting ethically or in your best interest.